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Dosha-Specific Aromas

Vata Aroma
Pitta Aroma
Kapha Aroma

Sub-Dosha Aromas

Aroma A
Aroma AX
Aroma AZ
Aroma B
Aroma D
Aroma G
Aroma H

Aromas for Lifes Pressures

Aroma Blissful Joy
Aroma Calm Temples
Aroma Worry Free
Aroma Sniffle Free
Aroma Emotional Strength
Aroma Peace of Mind
Aroma Sweet Sleep (Nidra)
Aroma Vitality
Aroma Keen Mind
Aroma Breathe Easy

Especially for Women

Aroma Radiant Skin
Aroma Smooth Cycle

Especially for Joints and Muscles

Aroma Flexibility
Aroma Bend Easy
Aroma Muscle Rest


Extra Special Sandalwood 10 stick pack
Extra Special Sandalwood 120 stick pack
Suraj Sandal 18 stick pack
Suraj Sandal 216 stick pack
Diamond Incense 15 stick pack
Diamond Incense 90 stick pack
Flora Incense 15 stick pack
Flora Incense 180 stick pack
Sandal Deluxe Incense 18 stick pack
Sandal Deluxe 108 stick pack
Joy Incense 18 stick pack
Joy Incense 108 stick pack
Divine Flora Incense 12 stick pack
Divine Flora Incense 144 stick pack
Wonder Incense 18 stick pack
Wonder Incense 216 stick pack
Madhu Malika 18 stick pack
Madhu Malika 108 stick pack



Books About Ayurveda

A Womans Best Medicine
The Ageless Woman
The Answer to Cancer
Awakening Natures Healing Intelligence
Heaven's Banquet
Total Heart Health
Conquering Chronic Disease
Forever Healthy
For a Blissful Baby
Ayurvedic Healing-Sharma
Super Healthy Kids
Freedom from Disease-Sharma

Books on Maharishi's Vedic Science

The Complete Book of Yogic Flying
A Living Saint for the New Millennium
All Love Flows to the Self
Manual for a Perfect Government
The Physiology of Consciousness
The Science of Being and Art of Living
Transcendental Meditation-Roth
Maharishi Vedic University in Cambodia
Transcendental Meditation-Forem
Transcendence- Rosenthal
The Flow of Consciousness
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi-Gift to the World
Ramayan in Human Physiology
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on the Bhagavad Gita
Your Brain is a River Not a Rock
Human Physiology Expresssion of Veda
Celebrating of Perfection in Education
The Neurphysiology of Enlightenment
Celebrating Perfection in Administration
Natural Law and National Law for Doctors
Maharishi University of Management
Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Government
Maharishi's Absolute Theory of Defence
Maharishi Vedic University Exhibition
Building for Health Happiness of Everyone
Permanent Peace How to Stop Terrorism and War
Victory Before War

More Books

Growing Up Enlightened
Enlightened Management
Genetic Engineering the Hazards Vedic Engineering the Solutions
Constitution of India Fulfilled Through Maharishi Transcendental Meditation
Catching the Big Fish-Lynch

Gandharva Veda

Gandharva Veda

Any Time of the Day or Night

Rain Melody
Sura Malhara Melody for Celebration
Mishra Pilu Melody for Celebration and Joyfulness
Alahiya Bilavala Bhairavi Melodies for Peace and Happiness
Bhairavi Melody for Emotional Strength Chandhari

Late Night Melodies

Late Night Melody Amar Nath

Sunrise Melodies

Raga Bhairave Melody for Devotion and Peace

Morning Melodies

Gurjari Todi Morning Melody

Midday Melodies

Shuddha Saranga Success Melody

Afternoon Melodies

Multani Achievement Melody

Sunset Melodies

Evening Melodies

Maru Bihaga Melody for Compassion Goswami
Maru Bihaga Melody for Compassion Hari Prasad

Midnight Melodies

Gourmet Foodstuffs

Gourmet Foodstuffs

Organic Gourmet Spice Blends

Vata Balancing Organic Spice Mix
Pitta Balancing Organic Spice Mix
Kapha Balancing Organic Spice Mix
Emotional Balance Organic Spice Blend
Cooling Organic Spice Mix
Detox Organic Spice Mix
Immune Power Organic Spice Mix
Digest Balance Organic Spice Mix
Allergy Protection Organic Spice Mix
Prostate Protection Organic Spice Mix
Healthy Heart Organic Spice Mix
Skin Nourishing Organic Spice Mix
Cholesterol Balance Organic Spice Mix
Rock Salt

Gourmet Drink Mixes

Almond Energy Drink Mix

Organic Ghee

Organic Ghee 335gm
Organic Ghee 470gm
Organic Ghee 670gm

Rose Petal Conserve

Rose Petal Conserve 280gm

Maharishi Vedic Organic Honey

Maharishi Vedic Organic Honey 500gm

Massage Oils

Massage Oils

Dosha-Specific Massage Oils

Vata Massage Oil 250 ml
Vata Massage Oil 500 ml
Pitta Massage Oil 250 ml
Pitta Massage Oil 500 ml
Kapha Massage Oil 250 ml
Kapha Massage Oil 500 ml

Rejuvenation Massage Oils

Rejuvenation Massage Oil for Women 125 ml
Rejuvenation Massage Oil for Men 125 ml

Massage Accessories

Garshana Gloves

Hair and Scalp Oils

Vata Hair and Scalp Oil 125 ml
Vata Hair and Scalp Oil 250 ml
Pitta Hair and Scalp Oil 125 ml
Pitta Hair and Scalp Oil 250 ml
Kapha Hair and Scalp Oil 125 ml
Kapha Hair and Scalp Oil 250 ml

Organic Sesame Oils

Organic Sesame Oil 500 ml
Organic Sesame Oil 1 L

Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene


Ayurdent Tooth Paste
Ayurdent Mouth Wash

Personal Care

Personal Care


Vata Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair 250 ml
Vata Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair 500 ml
Pitta Shampoo for Normal to Fine Hair 250 ml
Pitta Shampoo for Normal to Fine Hair 500 ml
Kapha Shampoo for Oily Hair 250 ml
Kapha Shampoo for Oily Hair 500 ml

Body Lotions

Herbal Soaps

Vata Soap for Dry Skin
Pitta Soap for Sensitive Skin
Kapha Soap for Oily Skin
Youthful Skin Cleansing Bar
Rose Soap
Neem Soap

Ayurvedic Balms

Ayurvedic Herbal Balm

Facial Creams and Oils

Vata Facial Cream for Dry Skin
Pitta Facial Cream for Sensitive Skin
Facial Revitalising Cream for Maturing Skin
Facial Revitalising Oil

Youthful Skin -M SPA

Youthful Skin Cream
Youthful Skin Cleansing Bar (2 bars)
Youthful Skin Toner
Youthful Skin Oil

Herb and Spice Teas

Herb and Spice Teas

Dosha-Specific Teas

Vata Tea Organic
Pitta Tea Organic
Kapha Tea Organic
Vata Tea
Pitta Tea
Kapha Tea

Teas for a Balanced Lifestyle

Slumbertime Tea
Sniffle Free Tea
Gentle Breath Tea
Digest Plus Tea
Be Trim Tea

Rajas Cup Coffee Substitute

Rajas Cup Coffee Substitute in Bags
Rajas Cup Coffee Substitute 250g Bulk Granules

Teas for Womens Health

Smooth Cycle Tea
Golden Transition Tea

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