Maharishi Ayurveda Massage Oils

Maharishi Ayurvedic Churnas

Balance your skin with moisturizing massage oil. Our herbal massage oils incorporate potent ayurvedic herbal extracts to take the benefits of the traditional daily massage a step further. For example, there is Country Mallow for dry skin, Sandalwood for sensitive skin and Indian Sarsaparilla for oily skin.

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Dosha-Specific Massage Oils

Vata Churna

Choose the dosha-specific massage oils using the guide below for your skin type:

Normal to Dry
Normal to Sensitive
Normal to Oily

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Rejuvenation Massage Oil

Rejuvenation Massage Oils - Men and Women

Rejuvenation Massage Oil is specially formulated for men and women over 40. They nourish the skin, helping it look full of youth, whilst nourishing the deeper parts of the skin by sinking in to it during massage.
There are two varieties:

  • Women's Rejuvenation Massage Oil
  • Men's Rejuvenation Massage Oil

These massage oils, true to their name, will rejuvenate you, helping your skin glow with youthfulness.

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Garshana Gloves

Garshana Gloves

Raw silk gloves for dry skin massage.
One size fits all.

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Hair and Scalp Oils

Originally called Warm Oils, Hair & Scalp Oils have been renamed to highlight their distinctive features.
Vedic Royalty, from ancient India, used oils like these to deeply nourish hair roots and pamper themselves with luxurious deep-conditioning treatment. Infused with Ayurvedic herbs, massaging the scalp with these oils improves blood circulation and strengthens the roots.

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PanchaKarma (PK) Hats

Hats for use during PanchaKarma oils massage, to protect hair.
One size fits all.

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Organic Sesame Oil

Use Sesame oil for your daily Abhyanga Massage.
Our Sesame Oil is cold-pressed and organic to ensure maximum quality.

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